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Tony Juliano’s Biography

Tony J. was born in New Haven, Connecticut, US in 1975. He attended Paier College of Art and graduated with a BFA in illustration in 1997.

Besides learning technique, he was more into cartooning than illustration despite his mentor Tim O'Brien who was suggesting to Tony to stay away from cartoons because he won’t be successful at it and should concentrate on tight realistic illustrations.

Starting a year before his graduation from college to the present, he began freelancing artist. Working as a muralist for local restaurants, schools, and other public and private places. He has also done graphic designs and large scale paintings for major corporations such as Corona Beer, Wrigley, Hasbro Toy Company / Milton Bradley, Stew Leonard’s, Haunted Happenings, The Peabody Museum of Natural History, Dark Horse Publishing, The International Festival of Arts & Ideas and many others.

From 2000 to 2011 when art teachers were being eliminated from public schools, Tony picked up many in-schools, after schools, summer schools and other art teaching jobs in the Fairfield and New Haven counties of Connecticut which became a full-time job eventually. From arts & crafts, painting, sculpting, photography, computer graphics, animation and speeches on being a freelance artist. All ages from 2 to 82. All kinds of levels from the disabled, honors, at-risk and art experienced.

In 2000, he created a series of parody paintings he called “Mocking The Masters” which depicts famous artists and/or famous artwork as a parody. Such as Tony’s version of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” which has basically has all the features of the original version but with the head of Yoda from “Star Wars” and on the bottom of a painted frame is written “Yoda Lisa” in a painterly style of a single-panel comic. Tony was highly inspired by Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” and it shows through his paintings.

This series pretty much made a mark on the art scene. Tony’s art was being described from everything as underground comics, low brow art, outsider art... The fact that Tony’s art stands stands out so much it could not be labeled as a certain style of art. Since his success, he formed his own LLC in 2003 called, “Agoo Art”. The meaning of the word Agoo was a picked-on, teased nickname he got when he was in elementary school by his peers. So turning lemons into lemonade, Tony’s named  his business Agoo Art.

Mocking The Masters” and his other comical paintings has been exhibited all over the world. A few selected exhibitions include: • The Walker (Liverpool, UK) John Slade Ely House (New Haven, CT) The Art Coalition (North Hollywood, CA) Hygienic Art Gallery (New London, CT) CB’s 313 Gallery (New York, NY) • La Viande (London, UK) • Art Underground (Baltimore, MD) • Limner Gallery (New York, NY) • Culture Cache (San Francisco, CA) Creative Arts Workshop (New Haven, CT) Galley 1988 (Los Angeles, CA) The Red Door Gallery (Oakland, CA) • l’art Noir New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) • 3rd Rail Studios (New Rochelle, NY) DeCordova Museum (Lincoln, MA) MoCCA (New York, NY) Kustom Lane Gallery (Hawthorn, AU) The NEST Art Lofts (Bridgeport, CT) Monmouth Museum (Lincroft, NJ). Besides selling his original art, Tony hand made magnets of his artwork which he sold online and in stores for a number of years. The magnets sold like hotcakes during a bad economy.

His art has been published in a variety of books and magazines such as Juxtapoz, ISM Quarterly, The Stuckist Punk Victorian, The Onion, The Book of Spam, Direct Art, Funky Garbage, At The Edge Magazine and Art Buzz. Tony has received a numerous of awards and grants for different art projects and his art has been bought by many art collectors and celebrities such as Kate Micucci, Dylan Baker, Sarah Silverman, Mel Brooks, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

In 2007, Tony created of a unique show called, “Forgot to Laugh: Sideshow and Animation Festival” The idea came from Tony about a stage show that was half live circus acts and half animated shorts projected onto a theater screen. Both emerging and well-known performers and animators. His belief was that circuses and cartoons are the same both visually, physically and mentally in the same entertainment style. Tony pretty much ran the entire show by himself. Producer, director, talent scout, sponsors search, grant writing, press releases, web designing, graphic designer, art director, host, performer, tech for sound, lights, video and a lot more. Tony has produce seventeen Forgot to Laugh shows in Connecticut and New York City. In 2014, he retired the show from being overwhelming and it was taking him away from his own art career and personal life.

In 2011, while struggling with sleep apnea, Tony began making video shorts inspired by his love for old noir, foreign, classics, silent films and B flicks. Combining them with his whimsical and demented style of art, he formed Dr. Wildé Productions.

Tony currently lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife Monica, Norman the cat, Fishy Fishy the goldfish and the 8 foot cyborg gorilla that lurks in their backyard.